Saturday, October 6, 2012

Workshop 1: Saturday, October 6: Describing the workshop


Consider incorporating design that elevates your living unit

Elevated "Cocoon"

Super Adobe: It's possible to create sandbags from 
your unit for building homes or stopping water.

Like the spheres we will be creating, 
consider a unit that unfurls when it rains.

A tent/backpack.

A jacket/bag.

A poncho/sleeping bag.

Building for our own needs: If we start with what we know we need, we can usually reach a need that is universal.

A portable boat?


Flock House


Vinta Sails

Water Systems

Tarps and Rope



Our substructure.


Symbolic Color
Pattern and Color (Subverting Royal Colors)

Josef Albers and color: Like Albers, some of our parameters 
involve not mixing color, so we have to design with "flat" colors.

Albers "Homage to the Square" (Different tonalities of yellow and orange.)

Questions about site:

What features do we want our site to have?
(trees or buildings to hang our structure from so it looks
like it’s floating, open space or many obstacles?)
Where were migratory spaces within the city
that have since changed use?
What memories should our site evoke?
Where are sites of sanctuary in the city?

Additional questions:

What are our human needs?
What do we want to be able to carry with us?
What problems could the wearable nature of these structures provide solutions for?
What is sustainability when it comes to design, architecture, and even art?
What is the life-cycle for the things we will build? 
Where could this project eventually go?

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